Descreaption of  Asphalt Powder in ink

Asphalt powder blending in newspaper offset printing ink as non-petroleum additive comprising a blend of Gilsonite flakes and tall oil fatty acid together with carbon black pigment. The proportions of the  Asphalt powder and the tall oil fatty acid may be varied, as viscosity requirements change due to differences in press speeds, newsprint characteristics, and the like. The ink thus has readily adjustable viscosity, together with an enhanced flow and penetration characteristics, while being extremely economical to manufacture.

Asphalt Powder in Ink
Gilsonite Powder in Ink

How to make stabilized Ink with Gilsonite Powder

a. Carbon black in the range 10% to 27.8%.

b.  Asphalt powder in the range 17.6% to 23.5%.

c. Tall oil fatty acid in the range 50.1% to 54.9%.

Asphalt powder ink improve fluid of ink

It is known that asphalt powder, which is a natural product, is added to a varnish component for improving the printability of a printing ink such as dispersibility or fluidity. Gilosnite itself is black so that it is solely used for a carbon black containing ink. Gilsonite powder impairs the clearness of chromatic inks. Therefore, if  Gilosnite is used for a chromatic ink, the amount thereof is limited to an extremely small amount. Under the above limitation, the effect of improving small, so that natural bitumen has not been practically used for chromatic inks.

Gilsonite Powder in Ink
Gilsonite Powder For Ink

Packing of asphalt powder for ink 

Gilsonite Powder in lump form like rock packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

200 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

300 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

30-40 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

100 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

300 mesh packed in 25kg pp bag

200 mesh packed 25kg multi paper bag

200 mesh packed 50lbs multi paper bag

30-40 mesh packed pp bag on pallet

Bulk on vessel