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Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin

General Description

Cosmetic Grade Liquid Paraffin (white oil) cosmetic grade is refined and is clean of impurities. Liquid paraffin (white oil) cosmetic grade does not indicate that the oil is actually “white”. This oil is thin and clear. However we use Liquid paraffin (white oil) cosmetic grade in formulations for aging, delicate or barrier damaged skin, as the skin needs a protective barrier against certain environmental conditions and/or skin conditions. What makes shinny different types of lipsticks and creams is white oil or liquid paraffin cosmetic grade, there is no smell

Liquid paraffin mixture of liquid hydrocarbon saturated ring and chains is also known under the name of mineral oil. We characterize this product by odorless, colorless and tasteless soluble natural solvents and insoluble in water and alcohol. Liquid paraffin comes in two forms that you should not confuse these 2 with each other. They each have many uses in multiple fields and industries. One form of liquid paraffin is that we refine form of kerosene, which use as fuel. The other is a very highly refined mineral oil that has various uses, such as in cosmetic and medicinal applications. In addition we use this product in various industries due to high purity and stability indications. Hair lotion, cleansing cream, cold cream, anti-dust, oil, textile, coated eggs, deformers and food industry applications.

Uses of Liquid Paraffin (White Oil) : Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin

Creams, lotions, foot care formulations, hair food formulations, hair oils, baby oils, bath oils, message oils . Liquid paraffin has many uses in the medical field. Because liquid paraffin passes through the body’s intestinal tract without being absorbed, we can use it as a laxative to limit the amount of water removed from the stool and ease constipation. In addition we use that in the penicillin production process and also in some eye lubricants. We use liquid paraffin to ease diaper rash and eczema irritation. The cosmetic industry also makes good use of liquid paraffin. We use the substance in various beauty products, including detergent creams, cold creams, hydrated creams, bronzed oils and makeup products. Also we can use that as an emollient lotion to treat dry skin.

Packing of Liquid Paraffin (White Oil) Cosmetic Grade : Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin

Liquid paraffin (white oil) cosmetic grade packing is in new or second hand 175 kg drums, ISO tank, flexi tanks. Also Each 20` container takes 80 drummed white oil cosmetic grade.